by Ravensdaughter

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The profound influence parents have on their children during their cognitive development has illuminated my understanding of how we influence everyone around us and how we are constantly shaped by our relationships and social interactions. As a privileged, educated, young woman I feel a personal responsibility to critically self-reflect and become conscious of the ways in which I interact with and influence others.
I am not a mother, but I am an artist, and I know that art—in my case music—has tremendous power to emotionally touch, inspire and affect others. It is a community builder and a powerful language. I use this language to communicate my truth, attract like-minded individuals, deeply and intimately connect with myself and others, and thereby build community.
I want to live in a healthy community with a healthy culture where individuals are free to be themselves, where people’s experience and expression are validated and pursuing self-actualization feels safe and supported. I have set out to seed such a community through music: through creative collaboration and through personal as well as interpersonal shadow-work. By recording my music, which reflects my values and my vision, I am planting a seed for a collaborative community around me. I feel pregnant with a culture, and I am motherly committed to nurturing it and bringing it into this world.


released December 15, 2016

Mastered by: Nathaniel Harvie

Album Art: Henry Jokela

Collaborating musicians: Daniel Klein, Maya Elizabeth Brooke, Aren Ludlow, Nocholas Franchesco O'Hara Crudele, Jason Ames

Academic Guidence and Support: Megan Bulloch & Jeff Warren



all rights reserved


Ravensdaughter Vancouver, British Columbia

Western society is built upon the values of colonialists who perceived musical rites and traditions as primitive, savage, indecent and distasteful. These attitudes target all personal expression. For this reason I am not advocating for a vision of social reform. Telling people how to live is what got us here in the first place. Instead I am turning inward and then sharing my process. ... more

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